Manager II - Sales EQT HCM 1

Date: 11 Jul 2024

Location: VN

Company: idsMED

  1. Overall Sales Leadership
  • Develop and implement sales strategy and operating plans that contribute to the organisation’s strategic vision and positioning in the market
  • Develop and implement strategies, metrics, programmes and tactical plans for each of the business verticals, sales channels, products and services to achieve the sales objectives of the organisation
  • Foster a culture of sales excellence and ‘customer centric’ approach throughout the sales team and the organisation


  1. Sales Performance
  • Drive and lead the execution of strategies by setting aggressive but realistic

performance objectives, driving focus to ensure achievement

  • Establish sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales budget; projecting expected sales volumes and gross profit for existing and new products
  • Analyse and evaluate key markets, vertical segments and sales performance to ensure deployment strategy maximises revenue opportunities and implement necessary changes and solutions
  • Develop and direct new opportunities within existing and new accounts
  • Direct and manage the organisation’s sales targeting process to ensure the effectiveness of sales efforts and that they are aligned with the organisation’s goals and objectives
  • Collaborate with Head of Revenue Funnel Management to align planning, forecasting and budgeting initiatives with business objectives
  • Set metrics and KPIs, including but not limited to growth, win/loss rates, and length of sales cycle, to assess sales performance, identify performance gaps and drivers, develop remediation and action plans
  • Manage funnel health and performance through funnel analyses and reporting dashboard to provide insights on opportunities and/or risks
  • Forecast and present expected sales volumes, revenue and gross profit of all products and services to management; identify operational gaps and business opportunities; and propose measures to improve the margins
  • Develop and implement cost control measures and initiatives to optimise working capital


  1. Customer Relationship
  • Develop and implement customer service policies and procedures to ensure consistency in deliveries and alignment with the organisation’s brand positioning
  • Collaborate with cross-functional team to investigate customers complaints and to identify root cause(s) and implement agreed improvement initiatives
  • Lead in the collaboration with relevant departments on meeting customer service requirements to ensure alignment with sales
  • Monitor and review the execution of risk assessments when taking on new customer accounts, and contract negotiation and management
  • Partner with cross-functional team to translate business needs and product requirements into new solutions for customers
  • Lead customer engagement at senior levels with the organisation’s key accounts to develop strategic and integrated partnerships including contract negotiation
  • Foster partnerships with key customers and expand the organisation’s KOL network


  1. Business Growth
  • Develop and direct mid- to long-term strategies to facilitate improvements for business development activities across the organisation
  • Conduct market research to keep up with industry trends and best

practices to identify growth opportunities for the organisation

  • Direct and oversee tactical marketing execution through collaboration with cross-functional team to ensure continual stretching of the organisation’s value propositions
  • Evaluate regular OUTREACH survey results and develop strategies to continually grow business and improve performance
  • Evaluate new product and service viability and marketability


  1. Sales Operational
  • Set and monitor annual work plans and KPIs for the department, sales teams and individual sales representative, and ensure alignment with the overall strategic objectives of the organisation
  • Lead and direct the evaluation and development of core sales systems and processes, including Dominate, SPARKS and Dashboard, to ensure technology is being used as a strategic enabler to drive revenue
  • Design and implement reporting tools and dashboards to enable the flow of information to support sales decision-making and organisation-wide business intelligence
  • Mentor and develop key personnel in the department to ensure their professional growth
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback to staff to encourage continuous improvement in performance and conduct